Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Overnight death: Ariel Castro, the crazy guy who kept three girls secluded in his house for a decade in Cleveland, is dead.
  • Whenever I hear his name, I think about a crazed Nicholas Cage yelling, "I'm Castor Troy!" in Face/Off. (And the names aren't really close at all.) 
  • Donald Trump donated $25,000 to Greg Abbott.  That's all I need to know.
  • Strange lines are being drawn on the Syria bombing issue with conservative and liberal being strangely intertwined. It's like cats and dogs living together.  Heck, I'm hanging out with The Hard Right opposing any attacks. (And only 36% of Americans support an attack.)
  • Good grief, even Sean Hannity and I agree that dropping bombs on Syria is an Act of War that requires Congressional approval. 
  •  Syria's civil war has killed an estimated 100,000 and now we are bent out of shape because a few hundred were killed with chemical weapons? We didn't think we needed to take action after the first 99,000 were dead? Bombs and bullets didn't offend us?  
  •  "Non-practicing" lawyer Brian Cuban (Mark's goofy brother) yells out hot legal opinions about "revenge porn" on CW 33 and D Magazine makes fun of him. (And then he got all pissy in the comments in that link before then pimping his new book.) 
  • Sports: (1) I'm not sure I knew that Fox Sports has the Big 12 No Huddle which condenses each weekend game into 50 minutes. Good stuff. (2) Bridgeport's/TCU's Colin Jones, as most expected, made the cut with the Carolina Panthers. Remember that he was drafted by the 49ers in 2011 but traded early in the season last year to Carolina for a 7th round pick in 2014.  (3) Baylor has another NFL First Round draft pick bust as 2011 selection Danny Watkins was cut by the Eagles (but will sign with the Dolphins who'll give him a chance.) (4) I don't think that TCU/LSU game was all that close -- LSU outgained the frogs 448-259 and TCU scored by way of a kickoff return and by benefiting from a fumble recovery inside the 10. 
  • I posted the news of the death of Tommy Morrison and someone made an anti-Obama comment within 10 minutes.  I'm so glad I'm not the guy who hit the "submit" button. 
  • During my long weekend by myself, Mrs. LL gave me a list of "to dos". The oddest one? Let the Family Cat out for ten minutes a day because "she likes to go in the backyard and eat grass."
  • I'm in Memphis this weekend for my nephew's wedding. Suggestions? 
  • Mrs. LL last night: "Hey, it's your girlfriend!!" (when Ann Coulter appeared on TV.)
  • Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles has his house on the market, and attorney Paul Coggins delivers the report into the investigation into Miles on Friday. (Side note: In late July, Coggins was hired at a cost "not to exceed" $100,000 to conduct the investigation --- that was an easy, easy $100,000.)
  • Fort Worth motorcycle death. The guy was 69.
  • A high school running back gets his helmet turned around after a face mask violation  but keeps running blindly -- and gets crushed.
  • I wouldn't go so far as to say "details" were emerging in the very odd shooting death of the Denton football player . . .