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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday, the AP was floating around a shocking video of the Syrian Rebels executing government soldiers. And U.S. bombing will support those guys? 
  • Prediction: Congress won't approve any Syrian strikes. Nor should they. 
  • Peyton Manning through for seven touchdowns last night. Seven. I thought he was done two years ago when he sat out the year with a neck injury.
  • Anyone else suffering from allergies? I had everyone in the house tell me last night that I sounded awful. 
  • So what did Mrs. LL do after reading about wanting to go to the Ole Miss game and see The Grove on Saturday while in Memphis for the weekend? She bought tickets!
  • And for those who have seen The Ghosts Of Ole Miss, I've read that bullet holes from that night of rioting can still be found on one of the famous campus buildings. I'll definitely track that down. 
  • I'm hearing lots of good reviews about Drinking Buddies -- kind of a ramped up When Harry Met Sally.
  • The Ticket's Mike Rhyner talked yesterday about his traffic accident I posted about. It is amazing he wasn't killed, and he attributes side air-bags for still being alive. I'm not sure I've got side air bags. 
  • Is this really the aTm president mimicking the Johnny Manziel "I've got money" gesture?
  • Hitler's bodyguard died yesterday. I would have lost a bet if you had asked me if he was alive. 
  • A young Tarleton girl was bucked off her horse near Santo and has died. Seems so ironic. Everyone else is dodging in and out of traffic and she dies being in a serene environment. 
  • Breaking: Unemployment rate drops to 7.3%.  (Funny, though. I can't find a single story in the "lame stream" media that doesn't say the drop is due to people who have stopped looking for work. Wordkyle's power is greater than I thought.)
  • As expected, District Judge Sharen Wilson announced her intent to run for Tarrant County DA yesterday. So what does supporter Sheriff Dee Anderson say about her? “She is a tough but fair judge." Ok. I like that. Anything else? "She sided with law enforcement. She supported law enforcement. She continues to support law enforcement to this day,” said Anderson. So she was a judge who "sided with law enforcement"? That's fair? That's impartial? 
  • It all kind of blurred together over Labor Day. We all jumped on the Rhome cop for shooting out the tires of the car with four kids in it, but in a second chase on Monday involving Chad Ervin of Springtown  (which ended up with a trooper crashing his patrol car "miles away") a trooper also shot out the tires of that car. Did everyone watch Smokey and The Bandit or something?
  • And the trooper who wrecked his car "miles away" on a slick road during the chase was conveniently not named in any published report. 
  • And in the Dallas DA dysfunctional world: "Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins has launched a criminal investigation to find out whether two judges improperly encouraged a third judge to hold him in contempt of court."  (Behind paywall.)  Everyone in that sentence works for the government.