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Am I This Cynical Without Justification?

Man, this seems so obvious to me.  I don't think the President has any desire (or at the least is undecided) about launching a few (meaningless) bombs on Syria. So what does he do? He launches a huge PR campaign talking about how children are being killed and we need to do something!!! But he'll wait for Congress to authorize it* before taking any action.

The chances of Congress saying yes? Probably very little. Most Democrats are anti-war. And almost all Republican's are anti-Obama -- so whatever he wants, they don't like it.  I don't think there's a chance in the world Congress will authorize a strike on Syria.

So how does it end? Congress says "no", the U.S. does nothing, but the President can forever say he tried to save lives.

Politics 101.
* Which even the strict constitutionalists shouldn't argue with it. Dropping bombs is an Act of War which can only occur with the authorization of Congress.