Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • “I didn’t set a red line,” President Obama said during a news conference in Stockholm. “The world set a red line.”  Negative spin: That comes across as backing off the red line at best and lying at worst.  Positive spin: He's still says there's a red line (that was crossed so that's why he wants to bomb them), all he's saying that he didn't set the line personally.  
  • Hearing WBAP's Hal Jay talk about Syria is painful. He wants to "kill them all" meaning "kill every man, woman and child" (his words) who supports terrorism -- although he hasn't quite figured out how you figure out who those people are. 
  • I'm sticking with my theory: The President doesn't really want to bomb Syria but wants Congress to say "no". That way he has it both ways: (1) He will have honored Congress' and vicariously the People's wishes, and (2) he can always say he personally wanted to save lives but was not allowed to do so.
  • Veteran state Tarrant District Judge Sharen Wilson is giving up her courtroom to run for Tarrant County district attorney. It's hard to think of someone I would want less in that office. In the interest of justice, she does not need to win.
  • Sports issue I'm undecided on: I absolutely believe in the theory that some players can put a team on his back and carry them at the end of the game. RG3, Michael Jordan, Major Applewhite and Vince Young (at UT), Staubach, etc.  But what about a pitcher? Yu Darvish has been criticized lately for not being able to do that at the end of a game. But does that theory apply to that position? Doesn't an arm simply get tired and there's nothing you can do about it? Then again, did Clemens and Schilling just fight through it during the day?
  • Johnny Football is on the cover of next week's Time with the title, "It's Time To Pay College Athletes."
  • Does everyone who learns Spanish forget it if they don't use it?
  • Whenever Karl Rove appears on TV (normally Fox), he always uses a handheld white board and a marker. That's such a (deceased) Tim Russert rip off that it's painful. 
  • Thanks for all the tips about Memphis. I really appreciate it. We'll probably sneak over to West Memphis, Arkansas and see what little there is to about the Memphis 3. (Mrs. LL is obsessed with those HBO documentaries.) I wanted to see the courthouse of the trials but apparently they were tried in Jonesboro on a change of venue.
  • I had no idea that Ole Miss was a relatively short drive from Memphis and that a home game was Saturday night. I could have added it to my football stadium tour list especially since I've always heard about The Grove. (I don't think Mrs. LL will go for it, but you never know.)
  • Got mad at Mrs. LL over the weekend when I cleaned out the refrigerator and found basically a whole Domino's pizza that went to waste. Then I cleaned out the food pantry and found about three full cereal boxes of mine that I had let go to waste. 
  • I purposely avoid Breaking Bad thoughts because I feel for those who don't watch it and are sick of hearing about it. 
  • "Dozens" of Baylor students are under investigation for an alleged marijuana ring where they are only consumers. Like TCU, a bunch of kids will have their careers sidetracked because of a goofy weed investigation. (That link goes to the Baylor student newspaper which is like reading Pravda -- the administration of a private school basically controls the content.)