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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Tomorrow, Lake Bridgeport should break the twenty foot low mark. It stands at 816.02 this morning down from 836.00.
  • The Rangers have gone seven games without ever even having a single lead. That has never happened in Rangers history. (Or in the history of its predecessor, the Washington Senators.)
  • Mark Cuban is on Forbes list of richest American at no. 222 with an estimated $2.3 billion.  Didn't he used to have much more than that?
  • I'm not sure I've ever been as disinterested in the NFL than this year, and I'm not sure why. 
  • Told the story to the Kids In The House last night about how throwing water balloons and eggs was common place on Halloween back in the day. And they looked at me with wild eyes when I told them we'd also get chased by the cops. 
  • Not sure why I'm thinking about Halloween, but former Bridgeport Chief Walter Dale would have a big announcement in the paper before October 31st about how water balloons would not be tolerated. It was like war drums banging.
  • I was at a hearing in Fort Worth yesterday and the other lawyers began joking about the lack of diversity in Wise County. Not sure what prompted that. 
  • The entire Family Unit is going down to the Baylor game on Saturday.  I've spent a lot of time trying to downplay to Mrs. LL what she's about to see (her last two games were LSU and Ole Miss.)
  • Remember about three years ago when I watched the first two episodes of Breaking Bad and initially "meh'd" it?  (Obviously love the show now. And I laughed yesterday when someone said the baby deserves an Emmy for the last episode for simply saying "Mawwm! Maaawma!")
  • It seems that every time I walk though the living room that Dance Moms is on. 
  • So the mass killer in the Naval Yard in Washington was a practicing Buddhist? Who has ever heard of a rampaging Buddhist?
  • We're in the process of replacing our backyard fence with neighbors on all sides.  I may need to bring in the United Nations to negotiate. 
  • And mark this as the possible beginning of the end: New York teen dies after helmet to helmet football hit. 
  • Might be a little slow around here today unless a last second deal is reached: Jury coming in to Decatur this morning. The case? DWI.