Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The biggest infomercial rip off artist on TV, Kevin Trudeau, was sentenced to federal prison yesterday. (I've dogged him for years.)
  • “Probably not. There’s too much other stuff the Lord wants me to do.” Tom DeLay when asked if he would re-enter the political arena.
  • It's not particularly earthshaking, but the Fort Worth Court of Appeals affirmed a burglary conviction and eleven year sentence out of Wise County late yesterday. The Sheriff's office may like it because one of its investigator had his papers graded in conducting an interrogation. With approval, by the way.
  • Be careful in Rockwall today. It was just announced that a high school was closed at the last second due to a power outage.  Unsupervised teenagers gone wild. 
  • "Rose Ann Davidson, 44, of San Marcos, has been sentenced to life in prison after her sixth conviction for driving while intoxicated." Without an injury or death involved, she had to have been to the penitentiary at least twice before to be eligible for such a sentence. 
  • I picture of Dwight Schrute last night standing behind a UNT podium with a UNT emblem in the background. 
  • If you speed and zip in and out of traffic, I know without a doubt that I'd dislike you if I met you in another setting without even knowing about your driving habits. 
  • Fox 4 had a story last night of a woman who had surgery and subsequently passed a small surgical instrument that had been left inside her. She said she had contacted two attorneys who wouldn't take her case because of "tort reform". The story also said, "Texas law limits damages to $250,000 in most malpractice cases." Is that right? I don't think so.  I would think that the attorney's wouldn't take the case because her damages are minimal. 
  • There was a shooting in a Chicago park last night that left 13 injured. I'm sure I'll hear in the comments from the guy who thinks everything that happens in Chicago is the fault of the President. 
  • I relate a lot to Ed O'Neill's character of Jay Pritchett on Modern Family
  • Got dressed and walked out of the bathroom around 6:30 a.m. only to see Mrs. LL in the dark watching The Bridge. (I gave up on the show about three episodes ago.) That's such an odd way to start the day.