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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Rain and cooler weather are coming. About time. 
  • Do I have this right? The Bridgeport, Paradise and Boyd high school football teams are each 0-3?
  • Within two weeks this semester, there were three sexual assaults reported at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house at UTA. The home office of the frat told that chapter to shut down yesterday. 
  • The story of the man killed by the train in Bridgeport is a sad one. It sounds like he was just a homeless man roaming around town. 
  • Celebrity news that even I think is entertaining: Lindsay Lohan is dating former UT "football star" Matt Nordgren. If you ever saw Nordgren on Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas from 2011, you know this has disaster written all over it. (For Ticket fan's he's a real life Chris Chris.)
  • I expect to hear from the fake Chris Davis today. The former Texas Ranger cast off and official Liberally Lean player set an Oriole record last night with his 51st home run this season. 
  • Random movie tweet I saw last night that I agree with 100%: "I still think the movie Signs wins the prize for 'Best setup resulting in the worst payoff'." (Maybe the movie was on cable or something.)
  • On the heels of the discussion of whether college athletes should be paid, aTm announced it had a record year in fundraising at $740 million, and the chancellor cited the football program's success as a reason. 
  • The devastation of the highway and road system around Boulder due to the flooding is incredible. "On average Boulder receives about 1.7 inches of rain during the month of September. As of 7 AM on September 16, Boulder had received 17.17 inches of rain so far in the month . . . ."
  • Last time I'll mention the DWI case against Alice Walton that was dropped. The D Magazine blog had this: "The Walmart heiress was pulled over way back in 2011, but the trooper who pulled her over is on paid suspension and won’t be able to testify by the October 7 deadline." No! No! No! There is no October 7th testimony deadline. The case just has to be filed in court by the 7th. 
  • The County Attorney and I, after many years and many trials, have come to an almost 99% agreement on what is and what is not admissible. I bet we have the smoothest running trials in the state. (And we basically agree to let each other improperly lead our own witnesses during direct examination so long as neither one of us goes overboard.)