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Random Boyd News

"At 1231am this morning, Officer Richie responded to a welfare check at the intersection of Jennings at S FM 730.

A citizen had found a 3 year old female walking in the rain alongside the roadway. The citizen had picked up the girl and had dried her off and placed her in the vehicle and waited for the officer to arrive.

Upon Officer Richie’s arrival, Officer Richie recognized the child, knew her name, and knew where she lived (small town policing at its finest). Officer Richie gathered all the information from the citizen and then went to the child’s residence.

There he found the mother asleep, with the door opened, along with the child’s other three siblings. He observed what he considered to be deplorable and unsafe living conditions.

Child Protective Services were notified and responded to the scene. All four children are in State’s custody and the mother is in jail.

This could have turned out much more worse than it did. Hopefully the parent can get some help, hopefully the children will be cared for better in the future."

Via Boyd Police Department's Facebook page.