Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Family Unit watched Jeopardy - Kids Week yesterday. Good stuff. And Kids Week is the only time I feel smart. (If you want to see a kid almost cry for misspelling "Emancipation Proclamation" by one letter and being embarrassed by Alex "Because You Misspelled It Badly" Trebek, you can read and see it here on, oddly, Deadspin.)
  • I took my first testosterone treatment today. It's a gel that I rub on my skin. And it's really strange. It comes out of the canister really thick but thins out dramatically once it hits the skin, evaporates in less than five seconds, and smells like alcohol.
  • And the strangest thing happened five minutes later: I was sitting on my couch, shirtless, cleaning my shotgun, dipping snuff and watching MMA.
  • There's a vending machine in the Wise County Jail waiting room that sells soft drinks for $1 and takes credit cards. Big thumbs up.
  • College football USA Today poll thoughts: (1) Anyone, and I mean anyone, can win the Big 12 this year, (2) TCU's first game of the year against LSU will come back to the haunt them, and (3) The strangest prediction is football genius Phil Steele having the Longhorns finish 4th in the nation when no one else puts them in the Top 10. And Steele is almost always right. 
  • Meant to say this earlier this week: If you are a female in Decatur driving a new dark colored Volvo with paper tags . . . . SLOW DOWN!!!!
  • Breaking business news: Unemployment has fallen to a four and a half year low of 7.4%. (Oh, and the S&P hit an all-time high yesterday.)  If the President is ruining the economy, well, keep it up. 
  • The name of the officer who stopped George Zimmerman "name has not been released" per news reports. Ok, maybe not officially released. But could it be any easier to figure out who he is?
  • Weirdest part of the ESPN Johnny Football story: He was at a family dinner at a restaurant, began tickling his grandmother who was sitting beside him, and then stuck a green bean up his nose and stuck it in his grandmother's plate who howled with laughter.  And all of this occurred in front of the author of the story who had been invited into the private room. Good luck with kid, Aggies.
  • I came upon Mrs. LL taking an impromptu nap when she probably shouldn't have the other day. I left her a note which read, "And you want to be my latex salesman?"
  • The proposition by Ted Cruz that the Senate needs to not fund the entire federal government until the President agrees to abandon Obamacare is pretty much like a child holding his breath. We'll look at you for a second but quickly conclude even you know you're bluffing.