Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Kidd Kraddick apparently died from clogged heart arteries. On that note, I happily took my new cholesterol pill this morning. 
  • "Dallas ISD trustees tell [Superintendent] Miles to cooperate with inquiry or risk losing job." I'll continue to say it: The end is near. 
  • I try to give Johnny Football every break in the world, but how hard is it to keep a low profile for a few months? (He partied in Austin this weekend.) And in unrelated breaking news: An Aggie football player has died in a car crash.
  • The Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana (which makes fruitcakes --- I hate fruitcakes!!!) had an accountant who allegedly embezzled $17 million and is now on the lam. How is that possible? 
  • Mrs. LL is locked into The Bachelorette this season. (My take: It's like a bunch of junior highers in good looking bodies.) 
  • I came up with an alternative to that show last night: Trade the people for monkeys with funny voice overs. Monkey in bikini. Male monkeys fighting over female monkey. Monkeys kissing. Hello, Emmy!!!!
  • Then the Girls In The House said that it would be funny if the show was made with sloths instead of monkeys. I told them they were now being ridiculous. 
  • Facebook inspirational posts are anything but inspirational.
  • "Bros gone wild in Huntington Beach."  People are stupid. (Multiple videos.)
  • Any chance the Update has used the word "vaginal" for first time before this morning. 
  • We had new door knob chaos in the house (trust me, it's possible) so Mrs. LL brought in a handyman to figure everything out. (Yeah, I know. It shouldn't be that complicated but it was.)  But now we've got a keypad enabled lock on the front door. Which is both cool and a little unnerving. 
  • Mark Davis said this morning that he doesn't mind government spying programs like PRISM until he hears it has been abused. How a man that old can be that naive is shocking. 
  • Rangers win it last night on a walk off home run with two out in the ninth on a 2-3 pitch.  In more important news, it's 33 days until college football season.