It's The 47th Anniversary Today

Great nugget from Texas Monthly about this cover photo:
"SHEL HERSHORN was a photographer for Life magazine. Now retired, he lives in Gallina, New Mexico:
I’d gotten a call in Dallas from Life telling me to get down to Austin. By the time I got there, Whitman was dead. I’d heard there was a foot-wide swath of blood across the carpet at Sheftall’s [jewelry store], so I went there and started making pictures. One of those pictures ended up being the cover photo for the magazine; it was taken through the store window, which was shot up with bullet holes, looking up at the Tower. But this competing photographer had other ideas; he was pacing up and down the sidewalk outside, waiting his turn. So when I was done, I kicked the window out. The store owner came running up to me, very upset. I told him not to worry. I said, 'Life magazine will pay for that.'”