Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The death of Kidd Kraddick, if you've listened to him at all, is beyond shocking. I can't imagine the number of "soccer moms" who have wept over the weekend. What was it he used to say? "Mascara alert"?
  • I flipped over and listened to his show this morning. Kellie Rasberry was far more composed than I thought she would be. She has to be in denial.  Shannon was openly grieving, and it was hard to listen to. Edit: Audio here.
  • He first got my attention when he was at the Eagle in the late '80s. He was giving away a ticket to some show for any caller who could call in and talk for 15 seconds about why he or she deserved the ticket without saying "uh". Teenagers flooded the airwaves. No one could do it. Kraddick's laugh was infectious as he cut them off one by one after the "uh". 
  • I didn't know he was engaged to be married. (Tidbit in first link above.)
  • I'm obsessed with the early and untimely death. This death has only ramped it up. 
  • The first person to post the news of Kraddick's death on Twitter was Mark Cuban. Kraddick's daughter them responded and told him to take the post down (a post which has now been deleted). How odd. 
  • His last photo.
  • Big radio news: Cumulus will dump Limbaugh and Hannity at the end of the year. That would mean they would no longer be heard on WBAP.
  • Fox 4's Fiona is a "Hey, Now" in a $13 dress.
  • Troy Aikman has a new house. Wow.
  • Double motorcycle death over the weekend. 
  • The Harris County DA's office is now demanding blood draws via a search warrant in every case where a DWI arrestee refuses to voluntarily provide a sample. Sheesh. 
  • TV: (1) I'm three episodes into The Bridge. Good but not great. (2) Saw a great documentary on the Alabama/Auburn rivalry named "Roll Tide/War Eagle." Those fans are nuts. (3) Mrs. LL loves Pitch Perfect.
  • Saw this sentence a lot this weekend: "Eighty percent of Americans will struggle with joblessness, live on the edge of poverty, or rely on public programs for at least part of their lives, according to an analysis of survey data from the Associated Press." You know, those three prongs are pretty broad.