Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Zimmerman traffic stop thoughts: (1) I'll give the cop credit for not getting pissy when Zimmerman wouldn't tell him where he was going -- it's none of the cop's business; (2) his Florida CHL notwithstanding, it's not an offense in Texas to have a handgun in your car so long as it is concealed, you are only committing a traffic offense, not a member of a street gang (silly law), and you are "traveling" -- and "traveling" is not defined which makes that whole law pretty tricky, and (3) I'm surprised the cop didn't at least get Zimmerman out of the car once he found out he had a handgun. (Technical Legal Edit: Someone is trying to correct me on my "traveling" point. I'm right. It was moved from a defense to an element a few years back, but it is still does not have a definition.)
  • A couple of month's back I told you a huge legal issue was the warrantless blood draw in the Josh Brent case. Yesterday, his lawyer finally filed a motion to get the blood results thrown out for the exact reason I suggested. 
  • Shocking footage of expected starting Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver Riley Cooper at a Kenny Chesney concert threatening to "fight every [n word] here." The obvious joke was how many black guys are at a Kenny Chesney concert?  Do that at a Snoop Dogg concert, and it's a different story. Cooper apologized profusely yesterday, but he's got a rocky road ahead of him.
  • How does a Bridgeport City Councilman get elected in May and resign less than three months later?
  • I had my testosterone tested and I'm low. Now I'm about to find out if the treatment actually works. (And do I know the dog pile I'm about to receive because of this bullet point? Why, yes. Yes, I do.)
  • The Rangers had their third walk off home run in a row last night. Fill in sports guy on WBAP today Stubie Doak's said that he thought he had read that such an event had not occurred since the Houston Astros did it in 1841.  And he wasn't joking. 
  • Crazy, crazy story: Dallas businessman on vacation in Thailand with his family gets in an argument with a band in a Karaoke bar and ends up getting stabbed to death. Not exactly the wisest move on his part. I wouldn't get into an argument with a band at Bono's. 
  • I've said this before: I'm not a fan of music and I hate The Eagles, but the documentary The History on The Eagles on Showtime is fantastic. 
  • I can't stop thinking about the  great Johnny Football article in ESPN The Magazine. How his dad allowed a reporter to basically embed himself with them for a week is beyond mind-boggling. And the dad may also may be responsible for allowing his son to become one of the most immature twenty year olds in the history of college football. 
  • Ticket Fans only: There's was a famous Ticket drop where former KXAS anchor Mike Snyder is reading a retraction off the teleprompter and says "perons" instead of "persons" because it was misspelled in the text. Although it got accidentally lost in their studio move, I'm the guy who sent it to them in first place. I've still got it on some old hard drive, and I need to get it to them.
  • The cops that shot the Florida escapee near Grapevine Lake were cleared by a grand jury yesterday. Yes, shooting a man to death who is armed with a stick is justified. 
  • Two weeks ago how much would you have bet that Randy Travis (who was released from the hospital yesterday) would outlive Kidd Kraddick?