Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The "Denton Patrol Officer of the Year in 2008" was arrested for DWI.
  • We watched a documentary last weekend called The Woman Who Wasn't There about a lady who ended up leading a 9/11 support group in New York claiming she was in one of the buildings when the plane hit. She wasn't. It was so odd because she didn't profit from her lie and was supportive to all those she came in contact with.
  • Anderson Cooper had one of the Zimmerman jurors on last night and, although at times she seemed to be a bit wheels off, she accurately articulated the legal standard the jury was obligated to follow.
  • And Piers Morgan interviewed the first witness in the trial (the much berated girl Trayvon was on the phone with when everything went down.) I'm not sure she improved her status with the public.  "The jury, they old. That's old school people. We in a new school, our generation"
  • Wendy Davis is on the cover of Texas Monthly with the title "Game On?"
  • I don't think I mentioned this yesterday: Crazy Texas Mommy seems to be having trouble with her teenager. She is brutally honest.
  • How did the public go from laughing at Randy Travis' drunken exploits to now holding him up as a national treasure?
  • I say this every year: There is nothing more boring than the Home Run Derby. And there is no one more annoying than Chris Berman.
  • While Berman was interviewing former Mets catcher Mike Piazza last night, he told him "no American will ever forget the Piazza HR from 9/22/01."  Does anyone remember that? 
  • That was fast: News comes out that MTV is doing a reality show about Redneck Heaven restaurant, reporters figure out that there are some days that the waitresses at the restaurant wear nothing but body paint up top, and a city council has already changed an ordinance defining "nudity" in response to the reports.
  • Mrs. LL and I had a discussion on the pronunciation of "asterisk" last night. I think I've been saying it wrong for a long time. 
  • So anyone know the name of the guy that walked out in front of an 18 wheeler in Rhome over the weekend and committed suicide? 
  • In 2009, I learned of Erich Spangenberg after he came in at #53 of the "Most Expensive Homes in Dallas." What got my attention was that he was a "patent troll" - a guy who just buys patents and then sues for alleged infringement. Sheesh. He's becoming somewhat famous as the New York Times did a long expose on him this weekend. 
  • It's a two newspaper worthy day . . .