Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Attorney General Greg Abbott decided it would be a smart thing to do to have an online town hall meeting last night, and all you had to do was tweet your questions to him with the hashtag #AskAbbott. He thought that was a good idea? It turned out to be a hilarious dog pile. 
  • It's amazing that we could (and probably will) have more of a conservative-talking-points-robot than Ricky Perry as governor, but that's what you get with Abbott. 
  • And, plus, what can possibly go wrong with a would-be governor who thinks it is clever to say: "Some people talk about having a steel spine. I actually have one!" in campaign speeches. **Groan**
  • Recent Mark Cuban quote: "We're in a better spot than we were at if we got just [Dwight Howard]." You guy's just keep on blindly following him. 
  • If true, the story of the Arlington elementary school principal who allegedly solicited boys online and was arrested when he showed up at a proposed meeting with one of them is beyond shocking. 
  • Bridgeport will be spraying for mosquitoes tonight. I still doubt that the mass spraying works. It seems like doing one blast of Raid in a gymnasium. 
  • I had a confrontation with a mouse this morning and successfully defended my territory. 
  • Mrs. LL replaced a broken doorknob in the house with a fancier one and one with a different style. You know what that means? Now we've got to upgrade all of them. There's no way I can stand a mismatched one. 
  • The ESPYs show is painful to watch. 
  • A 29 year old is listed in the Update's death notices -- he died of a brain tumor.  I can't imagine what it's like to go through with a family member suffering from something like that. 
  • The Ticket's Jake Kemp just got back from a 10 day trip that included Amsterdam, Switzerland and Germany. I could listen to him talk about it all day. 
  • I laugh at news reports of the Northeast Heat Wave where temperatures "are over 90 for the third day in a row." But I suppose they laugh at us when we receive a Southern Cold Wave of temperatures below 40 for three days in a row. 
  • Johnny Football isn't very smart, but he'll probably have another great season. It's a good thing for the Aggies that his game doesn't require discipline.