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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking and bizarre: "Two fires set outside murdered girl's Saginaw home." Side note: They are never going to find the killer, are they? 
  • Troubled Cowboy Josh Brent's "retirement" seems fishy. The Cowboys get to avoid controversy as training camp begins and they can take him back when he "unretires". 
  • Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow wrote a column this week telling us not to take a side in the Nasher Museum/Museum Tower sun reflection controversy, and today columnist Jacquielynn Floyd writes that "Rolling Stone magazine can’t make a killer cool." They get paid for this junk?
  • Should a Fox 4 anchor use a certain profane acronym in his tweets?
  • Not only are we replacing all the ten year old door knobs, now I learned that they cost twice as much as I thought. (But they do fall in my theory of of buying quality for something that is used/seen everyday and will last for over five years.)
  • Gov. Perry, as expected, made a big media deal about signing the abortion bill yesterday, but I didn't realize that First Baptist of Dallas pastor Robert "Look At Me" Jeffress was in attendance. (H/T The current majority of the Texas Legislature could very well be called First Baptist Church of Texas it seems. 
  • After the signing, Phil King introduced legislation which would restrict abortion so much that, by its very text, it wouldn't take effect until Roe v. Wade was overruled by the Supreme Court or constitutional amendment. So it's a law that admits in its wording that it is currently unconstitutional. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like that. 
  • Per the Update, the two Wise County deputies who shot the fleeing Colorado man earlier this year have been "cleared" by a grand jury. I'm kind of surprised they went to the trouble of going through the motions of even having the grand jury even make a ruling. (Although I bet the whole presentation was under five minutes). We had a couple of troopers kill a couple of guys in separate incidents a few years back, and I don't think the grand jury got involved.
  • Since the deputies' case is now closed, all those in-car videotapes are now public record, right? Fox 4? WFAA? Where you at?
  • I have a Google news alert for local towns and local politicians, but it seems primarily to alert me to the happenings of the Connecticut minor league baseball team called the Bridgeport Bluefish whenever they play a Texas team.  I kind of want a t-shirt. Edit: Heck, they don't even have T-shirts in their store, but you Bridgeport folks would probably like this jersey.
  • For those who think Mark Cuban is a genius because of one championship, consider the fact that it was due to (1) a fluke because every other team went brain dead in the playoffs, (2) Dirk Nowitzki (who Cuban inherited) single handily carried the team, (3) and the existence of a big man -- Tyson Chandler -- who everyone had been begging him to acquire for years and who he summarily jettisoned once the season is over. Brilliant!!