Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • When Mariano Rivera won the most valuable player in the All Star game last night, he was awarded Corvette which prompted Mrs. LL to say, "Wow." I then pulled him up on the Internets to show her that he has career earnings of $169,441,825. If he had wanted a Corvette, he'd a bought one by now. 
  • A 29 year old in Parker County pled guilty yesterday to life without parole after a brutal murder that has received basically no TV coverage. 
  • The Sophomore in The House got her driver's learners permit and changed her Facebook page to "in a relationship" all in the same day. I see stress -- extreme stress -- on the horizon. 
  • After stumbling across a compilation of "Best Movies" of 2007, I'm declaring that year the greatest year for films ever. And since we've been bombarded with sequels and animated films since then, it may be the Last Great Year.
  • I'm having blood work done this morning. It's quick and easy, but I hate it. 
  • A USA Today reporter was sent to the metroplex and was "on his own" (with the help of Twitter) to explore the place
  • The article is a lengthy one, but the Bexas County DA's office should be prosecuted for Abuse of Process for using its hot check department to send letters to collect debts for payday loan companies. “That’s part of the services that are offered,” said one assistant DA. Puuleeeze. Trust me, not repaying a loan to places like The Money Store doesn't qualify as a crime. The DA's office is acting as an improper debt collector (and trying to collect a "fee" for its trouble.) 
  • Somehow we set a personal record last month for our residential electric bill. Good grief. 
  • And when will we stop paying attention to Ted Nugent. In an article about the Zimmerman verdict, he called Trayvon Martin a "poor, helpless, dope-smoking, dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy."  (And talk radio host Mark Davis is eventually going to get bit in the arse for continuing to sanction Nugent's beliefs as he did last night.)
  • Look, I understand agreeing with the verdict. I agree with it, too. But the hate mongering racists have come out of the woodwork by somehow believing, in their twisted logic, that the verdict sanctioned their hateful beliefs about Martin.