Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Maybe this PRISM thing won't be the controversy I thought it would be. There's just way too many people on the Right saying "If it saves lives, I'm ok with it." Incredible.
  • Newsweek had a cover in 1970 proclaiming "Privacy Is Dead".
  • Mrs. LL and I were talking about how silly robbing banks and convenience stores is since the cash is limited and the surveillance is great. "If I were going to do something, it would be big and secretive," I said. We then in unison said, "Like moving a decimal point over one position?" -- a reference to Office Space.
  • Mrs. LL also claims that if she ever committed a crime she could absolutely cover her tracks and never get caught. She also warned me not to quote her because it would damage her ability to get a way with it. 
  • I was on 287 yesterday and was by an eighteen wheeler who had a tire blow out. That is wuch a shocking experience. 
  • Northwest ISD Superintendent will now make over a quarter of a million dollars a year per the Update.
  • Man, those Fort Worth cops and alcohol: One was arrested for Boating While Intoxicated while another was in a motorcycle crash where drinking is suspected.
  • Very Inside Sports: (1) I think college football prognosticator Phil Steele is brilliant, (2) I think Randy Galloway just churns out the obvious with a cutesy writing style, (3) I don't understand 90% of the college football website Every Day Should Be Saturday and that upsets me, (4) I'll admit to watching portions of this NBA Finals, (5) The Fan's Bryan Broaddus never says anything definitive, (6) The only thing I watch on Sports Center is the Top 10, (7) ESPN's Mike and Mike in The Morning is an automatic punchout for me with 15 seconds. 
  • I was walking around the block last night and ran into Mrs. LL who was dropping one of the kids off at a neighbor's house. I had on black socks, tennis shoes, plaid shorts, and a 2011 half marathon shirt. "It's not like I don't have style," I told her. "It's that I'm too old to care."  She told me I might want to start caring. 
  • If you are planning on going to Mumford and Sons tonight: (1) What's wrong with you? and (2) No you're not
  • I've stuck with my x-box workout and haven't returned to running. Makes me a little sad. There's something about the running isolation with is soothing. 
  • Tebow to Boston!