Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Gov. Perry continued to honor the constitutional right to abortion by adding various unconstitutional anti-abortion bills to the just announced Special Session. At least he's consistent. 
  • I could see Rick Perry selling gold in late night commercials some day. At least when Texas becomes  a blue state in, say, ten years? 
  • Google's CEO in 2009 on the issue of privacy: "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." Kill me. 
  • Lots of focus is on the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, but I'm stunned to learn he actually worked for a private contracting firm, Booz Allen, who has 25,000 employees and was hired by the NSA. With $1.3 billion in government contracts, Booz has a Vice Chairman  who bounces employment back and forth between the NSA and Booz and who has churned the Booz stock for $1.8 million this year
  • The rest of us who get up and go to work are just suckers, right? 
  • A Wise County church is inviting people to a Father's Day service with a chance to win Rangers baseball game tickets and a Chevrolet Silverado. 
  • Some TCU kid helps T. Boone Pickens nephew get high but unfortunately the Pickens boy dies. So what does the Tarrant County DA's office do? Indict the kid for murder.  
  • Mrs. LL has discovered three mice in the garage and a little hole they are getting in and out of it. She wants me to get them out without killing them. 
  • Dallas motorcycle death last night was described as "horrific". (Link with photo.)
  • Get ready for a day of people twit-picking pictures of their car temperature gauge.
  • There was a pretty good baseball brawl last night. 
  • The Mom and Kids In The House have a list of house projects for the summer. Let's see how that goes. 
  • Dallas pool party "Hey, nows" . Here. Here. Here. Here
  • I love that Wise County judges specifically tell jurors not to read "the local blog" while a trial is going on. 
  • The Fort Worth Weekly is doing day by day coverage of the whistleblower trial going on in Decatur.
  • Bad cop? An Arlington officer being investigated by the FBI for computer fraud killed himself.
  • Dumb cop: Arizona cop arrests a guy for DWI despite having an alcohol concentration of 0.00. He must be on drugs then, right? So the cop brings in a "Drug Recognition Expert" who checks him out and says, he ain't high on drugs. 
  • Funny: Star-Telegram opinion piece accidentally quoted Onion-like fake stories to support its position on graduation speeches.