Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The current "cops on steroids" scandal out of Arlington is scary to me. It would be like ADHD kids hyped up on Five Hour Energy. 
  • One valedictorian says the Lord's prayer during his speech, another comes out as gay, another goes off script in Joshua.  Everyone is a star in their own movie. 
  • The Paradise Model is now a Bridgeport Model and in some type of Maxim competition
  • Ran by WBAP today and heard some lady on there promoting Grapevine. Co-host Brian Estridge (I think) said there was a great place on the lake called Big Daddy's that didn't serve beer but "had beer" if you "made a donation." I'm sure they will appreciate the TABC raid this weekend. 
  • If the Republicans shoot down the immigration reform proposed by the Gang of Eight, they might as well concede every presidential election in the future. 
  • Are the NBA Finals fixed in order to get to seven games?
  • The Fifth Grader In The House made enchiladas shaped like giant raviolis. 
  • The Sophomore In The House made an Alzheimer's joke about me the other day. 
  • I always joke to Mrs. LL that "they grow up so fast" but, you know, it's true. 
  • I watch the Travel Channel or the like and say out loud "I want to go there" all the time only to realize that will probably never happen. And that's after planning the last 25 years in order to make it happen. 
  • I was stunned by the opening entry in the Update today. But I want to know the back story and how the Rangers got involved in what is probably, if anything at all, a minor drug thing. Was he targeted? And why? The War on Drugs destroys lives while keeping others employed. Edit: I'll overly censor comments on this one. 
  • Help me out with the dishwasher: When it drains into the garbage disposal (which is not clogged - I swear), it backs up into the sink so bad that it can cause the dishwasher to overflow. But if I sit there and fire up the garbage disposal when the back up begins, all is well. And with the dishwasher off, I could run the faucet into the sink all day long without backup. Help me Bob Vila!
  • The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Oklahoma cannot be forced to sell Texas water.  I'm not sure we understand the water problem that the metroplex is about to face.  (And Lake Bridgeport received a haymaker because of that ruling.)
  • Amanda Bynes tweeted that she wants her nose to like that of Miley Cyrus' after Bynes has her "surgeries."  Cranking up the crazy. 
  • Beginning on September 1st, state "boot camps" will no longer be a sentencing option in Texas criminal law. I've never even heard of someone being sentenced to a boot camp so maybe that's why it is going away. 
  • If you're a fan of documentaries, you know why this is a clever headline . . .