Good Puppy Dog

Mercury News – A mid-morning stroll in downtown San Rafael nearly turned disastrous when a 93-year-old woman drove backward down a sidewalk, narrowly missing two employees and a dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind.”It was just an unbelievable sight to see something going backwards, barreling down the sidewalk,” said Todd Jurek, a training supervisor for Guide Dogs for the Blind. He quickly herded the fellow employee and dog out of harm’s way when he noticed the dog jerk its head to look behind them. Jurek, 48, of Petaluma, said he was spotting Alvarado, who was blindfolded, and assessing O’Neil’s guide dog skills when he noticed O’Neil turn around to look behind him. When Jurek looked back to see what had caught O’Neil’s attention, he saw a black car headed straight for them.The investigation is continuing, but the preliminary theory is that the woman put the car in reverse instead of forward, and the angle of the wheels sent her up on the sidewalk, Aguilar said.

Pretty good reverse driving by grandma.