Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I like the Star-Telegram but they are trying to make it big news that the Colleyville teacher/student scandal was initially discovered by the student's dad who used an iPhone tracker to find the two of them together on a park bench. I promise Fox 4 had that story, and that cell phone angle, over a month ago. 
  • I bought Tim Cowlishaw's Drunk on Sports e-book. Good stuff so far. It's bizarre how so many alcoholics refer their condition as a "love affair." 
  • Magic Johnson's son came out of the closet last night which normally wouldn't be a blip on my radar screen. But the guy went full throttle as TMZ has a picture of him on Sunset Strip carrying a purse and wearing a mink coat. 
  • Before going to sleep last night I looked up and saw that Mrs. LL was watching Pineapple Express on some commercial channel. The networked had altered the cussing but didn't have any issue showing a guy getting his brains blown out. America is really weird about its acceptance of violence. 
  • Well, we had to find a new home for the Puppy-Saved-From-Death-Row.  It wouldn't stop chasing The Family Cat (despite the cat giving it vicious right hook with claws out at the end of every chase), and The Family Pup wouldn't stop fighting with her. Throw in that she ripped the weather stripping off the back door frame and two replacement strips in two weeks, and she had to go.
  • The more of I see of the multi-million dollar improvements to the FBC of Dallas the more I'm embarrassed for them. 
  • BagOfNothing has a video of an Easter Pageant going up in flames. I tell ya, if there had been a curtain close to that fire, the whole sanctuary would have burned down. And the Double Fake Jesus wasn't going to let a fire derail his performance.   
  • Sports: (1) Josh Hamilton went 0-4 yesterday but did walk twice, (2) Nationals' Stephen Strasburg went seven innings, gave up no runs, and struck out three -- that guy is great but I still can't believe they "sat" him last year at the end of the season, (3) The Ticket discussed whether the Mavs game against the Lakers is one of the most important regular season games in Mavs' history. They have to be joking, (4) Baylor is in the NIT Final Four tonight, but it is 100% understandable that no one cares, and (5) video of Lady Bears coach Kim Mulkey going nuts on Sunday. 
  • Fox 4 had a special segment last night on the 20th Anniversary of the Branch Davidian fiasco in Waco. I think I missed the first few minutes because I couldn't get over that it had been twenty years. 
  • Seeing a few headlines and interviews where it is noted that "prosecutors say threats come with the job." That's a big, big stretch. I prosecuted for ten years and received one vague threat. Two at the most. 
  • With no leads three days after the murder of the Kaufman DA, I bet who ever did it is going to get away with it. 
  • Looks like a Sheriff is having a bad day in Kansas: