Have You Ever Heard On Tango Blast?

DPS, in an effort to keep us informed or afraid, reports that the Mexican gang of "Tango Blast" is now the #1 seed in Texas gangs. Specifically, it "has superseded the Mexican Mafia to become the state’s most significant gang threat. The Tier 1 gangs in Texas are: Tango Blast (estimated at 10,000 members); Texas Syndicate (4,500 members); Barrio Azteca (3,500 members); and Texas Mexican Mafia (6,000 members)."

A google search doesn't really reveal that much although a grumpy old guy who lives around Lower Greenville in Dallas reported in 2009 that the gang had a presence in that area.

(How about this for unrelated trivia: There used to be a club in the 1980s on Greenville called Tango which had giant frogs on top of it. Those frogs were eventually moved to that truck stop called Carl's Corner on I-35E north of Hillsboro. That place burned down once, and I'm not sure if it was rebuilt. Not sure about the fate of the the frogs.)