Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I was lucky enough to lock into the Yu Darvish oh-so-close-to-a-perfect-game last night early on. But I think I had a hard time explaining to the Girls-In-The-House why the game was important.
  • As it came down to Batter #27 coming up to the plate, I made sure the Fourth-Grader-In-The-House (a baseball fan) got out of her room to watch. I couldn't see her because she was up on the stairs, but I heard her say, "There's someone on base." I corrected her as the tension of the game mounted. "No there is," she said. I saw Mrs. LL's eyes go wide as she looked up and yelled the kid's name and told her to "get off the phone" which, initially, confused me. Then it dawned on me: Somehow the game was on 10 second delay on my DVR and the kid already knew what I was about to see. 
  • "If we run across white males dealing in drugs in Tarrant County, there's a good chance the Aryan Brotherhood is involved in one way or the other." - Herschel Tebay, commander of the Tarrant County Narcotics Unit. (Trying to get his name in the paper?)
  • I got an online "video bill" from AT&T which went through my bill, highlighted it, and explained it. Not bad. 
  • What is "Red's & Barney's Backyard Venue" that is opening in Bridgeport. 
  • Out of nowhere, I had a bottle of "Tequila 512" dropped off at my office. Apparently it was created by a guy from Austin and now marketed by a medical professional in Decatur. 
  • "Mavs owner Mark Cuban [last night] said he would consider drafting Britney Griner in the second round." Cuban continues his journey to becoming a cartoon. 
  • Two guys, one a capital murder suspect, escaped from the Hopkins County Jail last night and are still on the loose. When I looked at the news this morning, I learned an inmate from the Dallas County Jail successfully made a break for it last night. 
  • The Puppy-Saved-From-Death-Row also remains free since she was given to a happy home. (No, I didn't take her back to the shelter.)
  • Ten death notices in the Update today.
  • Fox 4's Heather Hays on the beach with a photo-bomber in the background. (Facebook). 
  • Dallas Police say they have made an arrest in the Lake Highland's rapist case. I think I'd tap the brakes until the DNA comes back with a link (they've already screwed up one arrest which they don't like to talk about.)