The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It sounds like George H.W. Bush's health is deteriorating rapidly.
  • Downtown Decatur was like a ghost town yesterday morning. (And I think most businesses and offices that shut down used a pretty low threshold to make the call. But the day after Christmas should be an official holiday as well.)
  • The Family Cat made a break for the backyard this morning so I was out there in a suit and hiking boots trying to run him down. The dang thing never jumps the fence and runs off to chase his dreams.
  • Despite a good night's sleep, I was so sleepy driving into work this morning that I felt like I had been drugged.
  • Baylor's final game of the season is tonight in the Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl, but what's the deal with an 8:45 p.m. start time? There's a great chance that game will be four hours or more. (It's amazing how many people refer to it as the Bridgeport Holiday Bowl.)
  • I bought Mrs. LL a book on the West Memphis Three. She is locked in to it. 
  • It was pretty big news earlier this year when new Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles brought in a hot and young "communications director" from his prior school at a salary of $185,000. Last Friday, she quietly resigned. Weird.
  • Mrs. LL got a mandolin for Christmas. Yep, a mandolin. I told her I expect her to sound like Allison Krauss as well. 
  • Texas Monthly's Bum Steer Awards have been revealed and Wise County didn't make the cut. I would think that electing a County Surveyor and simultaneously voting to eliminate the position of County Surveyor would be worthy of one. 
  • You are seeing a preview of the Dallas Mavericks for the next ten years. 
  • I don't think there's a single football analyst who understands that when a receiver catches the ball near the sideline and then gets knocked backwards a couple of yards and out of bounds, that the clock still rolls. "He went out of bounds!" they will all yell. But the receiver can't have it both ways. He'll get the benefit of his forward progress but that means he was technically down while in bounds. (Pet peeve of mine.)
  • The chances of a deal being worked out on the "fiscal cliff"? I'd make it as high as 95%.