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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • A decent snow falling on Christmas Day in Wise County was a sight to behold. Absolutely picture perfect.
  • And as much as we dog on weatherman, it was about ten days ago they predicted the possibility of snow on Christmas. I find that amazing. 
  • At my parents house yesterday, I found a few rolls of developed 8 mm home movies from 1957. Now I'm going to try and find a place that can convert fragile film to a DVD. This could be incredible.
  • I also found this camera (close if not exact) that took those movies. It was basically in pristine condition. (Compare that to a movie shot on your phone and this mini projector connected to it as reviewed by the NY Times.)
  • I've been tormented by the worst dreams lately. Incredibly intensive. A theme of losing everything. It's bad enough to consider going through some type of sleep study.
  • I turned on the TV early this morning expecting to see traffic carnage but there wasn't much going on.
  • Django Unchained, released on Christmas Day, doesn't seem to be the "feel good movie of the year" but it does look bizarrely good. 
  • Character actor Charles Dunning died over the weekend. For those O Brother Where Art Thou? fans, he's the guy who uttered the line, "Is you is, or is you ain't, my constituency?" while playing Gov. Pappy O'Daniel.
  • Alabama dad gets tickets for National Championship Game for Christmas. What's not to like about his reaction?
  • Mrs. LL saw about five minutes of Caddyshack as I forced her to be introduced to Bill Murray's character Carl. She actually laughed when he explained his new grass he had developed to Chevy Chase but also added, "I can hardly understand a word he is saying."
  • Sad news of the passing of Wise County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Bo Wright. I heard in the courtroom about three weeks ago that he had been diagnosed with cancer with only weeks to live. I couldn't believe it then. I believe it now. What a horrible disease. It's never a fair fight.