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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • What? I'm here on Christmas Eve? Yep, once again I prove I'm the hardest working man in show business.
  • I sometimes try to wrap my head around basically everyone I've ever met celebrating Christmas today and tomorrow. It's hard to do. 
  • The house is quiet right now with everyone asleep. This may be the best part. Then again, it's not. 
  • Changing gears, Mrs. LL and I watched Bowling For Columbine (I had seen it before.) I had forgotten that Charlton Heston's "from my cold bare hands" speech before the NRA was 10 days after the Columbine massacre. That kind of explains their low profile these days. They've learned. 
  • There was an out of control wedding reception at the Worthington Hotel in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday with what sounds like a massive police response. 
  • I looked forward to this four day weekend and then I ended up sick as a dog on Saturday.
  • Mrs. LL bought one of those blood sugar dohookies and she's been stabbing me all weekend. The readings aren't out of control but in the midst of my sickness I had a drop of 50 points in two hours. 
  • I think she enjoys stabbing me with that thing. 
  • From the Cowboy game: Tony Siragusa Vs. Moose Johnston Ugly Christmas Sweater-Off Competition. I vote Moose. 
  • We've got some type of critter in our attic. The Others In The House have been trying to convince me but I finally heard. Definitely something running on top of our kitchen ceiling. Almost want to unleash the Family Cat on it. 
  • You'll still hear people say That A Wonderful Life is shown countless times every Christmas season. That hasn't been true since the early 1990s before a copyright was successfully enforced. 
  • I watched some of the high school championship football games on TV this weekend, and I couldn't help but take note of a Vince Young starter kit who was absolutely fantastic. Jerrod Heard of Denton Guyer, only a junior, ran for five TDs and threw for two others. I looked him up to see where he plans to go to college. I'll be dang: The Evil Empire. 
  • And in the final minutes of the final game of the day a defender and a receiver hit head to head while going for a pass and both ended up laid out and motionless in the end zone. I can see how football could some day be discontinued in high school in the future. Those kids may not have been even 18.
  • Just a brief flurry of snow on Christmas Day would be fantastic. 
  • A list of local TV news personnel who have left over the year. I love you, Jane. 
  • Whenever I see a wedding announcement I wonder if the couple will make it. 
  • I'm near the end of the fourth season of Breaking Bad. I'd be hard pressed to think of a better television drama. A typical episode is better than most movies I've ever seen.
  • Out of the blue, I watched the first half of the old  Helter Skelter television movie which scared the heck out of me as a boy. Sorry to report it doesn't hold up to the test of time. I also acknowledge that's not a very Christmasy movie. 
  • Newsweek's final paper cover: