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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Another police officer controversy in Dallas as a female officer who goes by the alternative name of "Lucille Baller" (funny, by the way) posts a video showing her in "provocative" clothes and brandishing a weapon. Maybe I'm getting soft, but for the second day in a row I'll say: "I doesn't both me at all."
  • The "War on Christmas" rhetoric beats me down.
  • I can finally see how people get attached to dogs.
  • We've decided to release the wild bunnies into the wild. Let me tell you, tears flowed by some people in the house last night. (Not me. Those things are driving me nuts.)
  • There are lots of jobs for commercial driver's license holders.  Is driving for a living a hard job? Stressful? Uncomfortable? Loud? 
  • Golf will ban the "belly putter".  That device always looked unfair to me. 
  • I-35 to Waco or to Austin has been under construction for all my life it seems.
  • The please-move-the-deer-crossing audio has been around for about three months. I finally listened to it last night. That's fake, right? 
  • Sports: (1) Gary Patterson rumored for the Auburn job? I'd stay at TCU, (2) Isn't it odd that #4 Florida will get an automatic BCS bid while the loser of higher ranked Georgia/Alabama game will end up at some spare bowl?, (3) If Baylor ended up in the Pinstripe Bowl, I'd be very tempted to go to New York City, and (4) Conspiracy theory: Dirk didn't have surgery. He's just old and they want to rest him for the first couple of months.
  • Remember the model from Paradise?
  • I hate those Facebook "postcard" postings (or whatever you call them) but I saw one which was a split screen photo with Shirley Temple on one side and Honey Boo Boo on the other with the caption of "What happened to us?" underneath it. Kind of funny. 
  • Fox 4's Steve Eager made fun of Heather Hayes last night for using the word "gotta". 
  • I got my two trial cases resolved yesterday. One little client hugged me because she was so excited but I still wonder if I did enough for her. 
  • There's a 24 year old out of Aurora in the Update's death announcements. Anyone?
  • About 15 years ago, I fascinated about buying at auction a old news teletype announcing the JFK assissantion. I think it went for $10,000 which I couldn't even justify as an "investment". I heard on the Ticket yesterday that Heritage Auctions was selling a "batch" of those teletypes. The current bid is only $600.
  • Ticket Fans only: When I was at the in-laws in Arkansas, there was a huge breakfast going on where the cook kept yelling, "You want scrambled or an omelet ", "How many eggs do you want?" and "We are cooking eggs over here!" I promise my brain could only hear the Ticket drop of "What about eggs?!"
  • I was a bum in Arkansas. All I did (when not playing Capture the Man With The Flag) was read magazines and watch football while Mrs. LL and a bunch of relatives I hardly know played marathon card sessions. It was fantastic.