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Uh, Don't Shoot At Cops

DPS Troopers shot and killed a man in Denton this morning after he allegedley shot at them first. (Story here - registration may be required) Real life is not the same as the movies. You don't get to shoot your way out of bad situations.


Anonymous said...

The DPS officer has an alleged bullet in his leg.

Anonymous said...

You know, they probably didn't call careflite for an alleged bullet. The officer was shot in the leg, the damage shattered his femor.If any of you that have any medical background,you know that the femoral artery runs along the femor bone and if damaged, can lead to blood lose very quickly which can lead to death. These officers are out there to protect you and I.The tone of your post would lead someone to believe that youthink there is a problem. Get a grip and the facts. I did.

wizard said...

Hey Anon.#2 Lightenup,dude!: FYI, I think Anon#1 is on your side; I believe I detect a note of sarcasm. It should be the officer ALLEGEDLY has a bullet in his leg, not that the bullet is alledged.

Anonymous said...

Wizard: You sarcasm detector is working well.
Alleged can be used as an adjective according to Mr. Webster.

Main Entry: al·leged
Pronunciation: &-'lejd, -'le-j&d
Function: adjective
1 : asserted to be true or to exist (an alleged miracle)
2 : questionably true or of a specified kind : SUPPOSED, SO-CALLED (bought an alleged antique vase)
3 : accused but not proven or convicted (an alleged gangster)
- al·leg·ed·ly /-'le-j&d-lE/ adverb
Mr. Green said the suspect allegedly shot at the officer first, so it must have been an alleged bullet they found in his leg. (unless it was friendly fire)

Anonymous said...

Reply by Anon # 2. Sorry if I came out as strong, but the alleged bullet statement ruffled my feathers. Sarcasm was not intended in my statement. I just felt that anonymous # 1 had the sarcasm. A BLOG is supposed to be a forum where we can say what we feel about different subjects. These officers are heros and have to make split second decisions that affect the rest of their lives. They deserve more praise and less scruitny from those of us that have never been in their position.

Anonymous said...

From Anon 1:

My sarcasm was directed at the Blogmaster not the police. Only a defense attorney or a reporter would use the term "alledgedly shot" It would seem clear that the suspect fired the shot, so alleged bullet was being sarcastic.
no disrespect intended for the police.

I would disagree with your less scrutiny comment. Anytime the police use deadly force it should be reviewed. Certainly it is a tough, split second choice but it had better be right.

By the way, thanks for the lecture on what a BLOG supposed to be. None of us would have known if you hadn't explained it to us.

Anonymous said...

Reply from Anon #2. You are correct. Any time law enforcement uses deadly force, there should be and is an investigation. In this case the officers were firing back after being fired upon. I'd say, CASE CLOSED!!!