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Her Wheels Are Off

"Less than one month after a failed suicide attempt and just a few months after she was beaten up by a jealous boyfriend, country crooner Mindy McCready now faces an arrest warrant for her flaky behavior involving a drug probation violation. Last month, McCready did not show up in a Florida court to face charges of violating her probation stemming from a drug charge involving illegally trying to fill a forged OxyContin prescription in Tennessee. Though she had apparently tried to overdose on pills and booze just a week before the hearing, her lawyer failed to produce a doctor's note excusing her from the hearing. That, coupled with the fact that McCready has now twice violated her probation, was enough for a judge to issue a warrant. "


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well... At least she is hot

Anonymous said...

At least she is consistent in decision making.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she could be Daisy in the Dukes of Hazard 2.