Random Tuesday Morning thoughts

President Obama came to Dallas and met with Mayor Mike Rawlings and Gov. Rick Perry. This photo got a lot of press because of Perry's expression as Rawlings and Obama yuk it up. 

  • The Houston pictures are misleading.  The areas that flooded are routinely flooded during major storms. And don't the Astros have a home game tonight that hasn't been postponed?

  • If Alec Baldwin is convicted then I'll be convinced that juries have become 100% unpredictable.

  • What's up with the matching suits and ties?  History teaches us to fear white guys who dress alike and who target a specific group of people. 


  • Wait, this is Jones' lawsuit against the alleged daughter? You want confusing, I've got you some confusing.   Here's what I think is going on:

    • The "daughter" sued in state court to establish paternity. (I've said a million times that I don't understand why she did this because it's not about money.) 
    • Jones denies it and called it a money grab and either said or implied that she was an "extortionist" or "shakedown artist." (Which is weird because, once again, she wasn't asking for money.) 
    • The daughter then sued Jones again but this time for defamation because of the comments. Somehow, and I'm not sure how, that lawsuit ends up in federal court in Texarkana.
    • Jones countersued in that federal court for breach of contract for the original non-disclosure agreement  (which is weird because the daughter wasn't a party to the contract that momma signed.)
    • The federal judge then dismissed the defamation claims but since Jones has countersued, that countersuit was still pending. It is the only claim left and what is now set for trial.
  • On a more serious note, what happened here?

  • Boeing can't get out of its own way.  (Not to mention that Boeing's first manned mission to the space station, which launched on June 5th and was only supposed to last a week, is still up there because of mechanical problems.) 

  • In the Northwest ISD.

  • "Gilmore met the child’s mother at the hotel pool only about five hours before the July 6 incident, police wrote in an arrest affidavit."

  • Dateline Burleson. I'll admit that I have no idea how a gift card, stolen from a store but not yet activated, works.  

  • He's 47 years old and screwed up a lifetime appointment. And the judicial report (PDF) is very detailed. Oh, my.    

  • I finally saw "And Leave The World Behind."  Thumbs up.