Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A big controversy in Midland erupted as a Tilted Kilt restaurant opened. It no longer exists there as only two remain in Texas now: Killeen and Laredo

  • We've got a book-in photo of the D.A. up in Montague County. I'm trying to find out more about this whole deal.

  • I watched some of the Alec Baldwin trial yesterday and, just like I thought it would be, it was a prosecution trainwreck.  They seem obsessed with proving that the gun didn't malfunction and that Baldwin pulled the trigger. The defense, in opening statement, basically said "So what?" And if I heard the defense lawyer right, he said in that opening that Baldwin was handed the gun and told by the person responsible for it that it was "cold" -- and he said "cold" means not only was it not supposed to have a live round in it, but that it wasn't even supposed to have blanks in it. 

  • R.I.P. Baby Dolls in North Arlington

  • It's a daily competition whether a judge or a pastor will make the news

  • I thought President Biden was past the "he shouldn't run" controversy, but then George Clooney ignited it again yesterday.

    • This could be a white-knuckle ride at 4:30 p.m. today. "President Biden will face a moment of high stakes in his campaign for a second term on Thursday evening when he engages with reporters in an unscripted news conference at the end of a three-day NATO summit."

  • Barron showed up at Trump's rally two days ago and daddy acknowledged him. But the funny part is watching Junior in the background while it happens. Video.

  • This is a bonkers story out of Wichita Falls. 

  • The story doesn't say, but this had to have occurred in a Justice of the Peace court. Bob Gill and Miles Brissette represented the defendant who was only the plant manager.  

  • This is an interesting. He had been buried under a sheet of ice for over two decades which kept his body from decomposing.. His ID was found in the fanny pack. (Gift link.)

  • Messenger - Above the Fold