Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Another mass shooting you probably have forgotten about. Wikipedia article here

  •  The hype around a Category 1 Hurricane is over the top.  In the end, the windstorm that hit the metroplex at the end of May will have caused more damage.    

    • I would say that Dan Patrick is pulling an Alexander Haig, but I'm not sure many people would know what I was talking about.

    • Over-reaction example.

    • Another example:
    • We've got the obligatory weatherman standing in the wind this morning. 

  • I've complained about how metroplex news coverage is getting worse and worse. Case in point: It looks like there were two drownings on Grapevine Lake the extended holiday weekend, but they weren't reported on any of the local TV news stations. Edit: Fox 4 finally reported on the most recent one this morning.
    Friday morning

    Last night

  • But Fox4Terry was working last night. 

  • Here's what the lady looks like who had half her calf torn off by a shark in South Padre Island. She's from Celina.

  • For the Vegas trip planners:

  • She is so dumb. 

  • You knew this was coming. The order came out of Saturday.

  • Pretty interesting story out of Hood County where a district clerk position had to be filled by appointment from the local Republican Party. The winner was the person who cast the deciding vote for herself in executive session. (Side note: The district judge down there talks too much.)

  • Legal nerdy stuff: The Dallas Court of Appeals reversed a conviction on Friday. You can't do that:

  • Trump mad this morning.

  • Other than a video of Trump on a golf course, we've not seen Trump in public in 11 days.