Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I think this was the first inkling that DPS troopers would eventually become mainstays on the border. And do they mind? Nope. Just two years ago, they were making an average of $41,000 more a year in "overtime pay".

  • The Star-Telegram has the story on the wreck that killed a Paradise High student. We learned that the driver was 16 years old, also from Paradise, and the other two passengers were a 16 year old boy and 14 year old girl "from the Bridgeport area."

  • When she went missing, police said that she was "known to suffer from several medical conditions that necessitate regular medication and ongoing medical treatments." We don't know much about the case other than the headline (which is basically the state of local news these days.)

  • I really don't know anything about this case, but the defendant showing up on the front row of  a press conference where the prosecutor announces your indictment is a power move.

  • "This year is the first that the police department has introduced its own set of legislative priorities to the city council." They chose two horrible propositions: One is the laziest of police work and the other is a violation of innocent people to be left alone from unwarranted intrusion.

  • Wise County is still unrepresented in January 6th Insurrection prosecutions. I never believed we would go 0-fer in this category.

  • Oh, my. "[O]fficers noticed the white BMW had a 'hole in the front passenger windshield' and 'an entire arm on the front passenger seat' along with blood."

  • Wise County doesn't have its own juvenile detention facility and has to contract it out. They use Denton all the time. Is this the same one? 

  • Random photo I came across.

  • That's some next level taunting

  • Breaking entertainment news: Justin Timberlake was arrested for driving while intoxicated in the Hamptons last night.