Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A viral book-in photo even ended up with a Wikipedia entry.

  • I think that's why we put that "establishment of religion" prohibition in the constitution in the first place.  Texas tried to pass such a law last year, but even we weren't dumb enough to do that. 

    • Attaboy:

  • Poll watch from Fox News:
    • Interesting, but not really significant:

    • But that being the #1 issue is. Is it possible that America is finally waking up to the fact that the leader of the January 6th Insurrection is actually running for president?

  • The video I posted yesterday about the bicyclists getting hit by a car near DFW airport was  all the local news channels last night. I can't believe those guys weren't more injured than what they were. This guy looks fine -- and he's the one that ended up under the tires!

  • Can't we keep these two guys on the opposite sides of the room?

  • In a case that is a poster child of a broken criminal justice system and especially the corruption in deep East Texas, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals tried to make things right by declaring Kerry Cook actually innocent. That's quite the sentence from the opinion:

  • So he's declared his own state holiday for the anniversary of Dobbs?

  • While everyone else is distancing from the True Texas Project because of their white supremist leanings which recently became news, Wise County's state rep.-elect is embracing them

  • I think there is, too.

  • I wish this story wasn't behind a paywall. "Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel starts his days at 4:30 a.m. with a 2-mile run. Then it’s off to the gym to lift weights and swim. After court wraps, back to the pool."

  • Very legal nerdy stuff discovered by a great sleuthing metroplex lawyer: What did the Collin County D.A.s office do with a case of Continuous Sexual Assault case when the victim, at the age of 15, becomes\ a criminal defendant himself, murders his mother, and is sentenced to life in prison? 
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