Random Monday Morning Thoughts

That was some foreshadowing. 

  • I presume these are related. A GoFundMe has been set up.

  • I think this story buries the lede.

  • I don't know why all the headlines about this say "accused." Heck, he admitted it. 

    • In his statement, says he has "walked in purity" since the event.  But he had a weird "confession" in a sermon to something else a few years back which no one has mentioned yet. 
  • The accessory-of-choice of the shooter of the greatest mass murderer in U.S. history is now perfectly legal based upon a Friday ruling. 

    • Legal nerdy stuff: I love how Sotomayor's dissent called out every single justice in the majority in one paragraph.

  • The white supremist leaning True Texas Project will have their party in the Botanical Gardens after all once the City of Fort Worth overruled their objections. (I was talking with someone at the courthouse before that announcement. Unless the Botanical Gardens was privately owned -- they aren't -- they couldn't cancel an event based upon content spewed by the group.)

    • In the meantime, crazy Louis Gohmert has backed out.  He'll speak at QAnon events , but not at this.

    • A faithful reader pointed out that Wise County's state rep-elect Andy Hopper promotes being endorsed by the True Texas Project on his website. 

  • Cops creating crime and catching some poor sap in a trap. He has already resigned.

  • No one is more upset about this than Ronny Jackson whose sole purpose for existence is being accepted by Trump. Video.

  • But Texas will still put you in a cage for possessing it. 

  • George Strait at Kyle Field in Aggieland is quite the sight.
  • Try to wrap you ahead around your twenty-something year old daughter stopping by to introduce you to the guy she's dating and it is Bill Belichick.

  • Watched Hit Man on Netflex. Thumbs up.