Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A $24 million yacht burned off the coast of San Diego, but most of the news was of how a drone flew over it and captured video of it. It is still up on YouTube.

  • We've got the final totals of how much the West Texas Oilman PAC spent to buy Andy Hopper the election in Wise County to unseat Rep. Lynn Stucky. Incredible.

    • Here's the background on how the PAC was named shortly after it was formed:

  • The presidential debate will happen tonight hosted by CNN.  Yesterday, the network demonstrated how the mic of the non-speaking candidate will be off while the other man is speaking, and you truly can't hear a single thing from muted mic. (Video - it's really eye-opening.) I'm surprised Trump, who lives and dies by interruptions, agreed to the format. Throw in that there is not an audience, and I don't know how this will go at all. 

  • Fox4Terry was on the job last night. That photo seems like something big went down in Cedar Hill. 

  • You can't even go to a Chick-fil-A now?  Police call it a "targeted" shooting, but that doesn't make me feel any better. 

  • The Supreme Court accidentally posted a decision yesterday which will dismiss an abortion case as "improvidently granted."  It was taken down within seconds. Here's a PDF of what was released and it hadn't even been finally formatted yet.

    • Legal nerdy stuff: I saw someone write that if they only named finished opinions as “final-final-use-this-one.doc” then it would have never been accidentally released. 
  • In an opinion that they actually intended to release, they Supreme Court gutted a public corruption statute by allowing bribes after the fact so long as there was no agreement beforehand. So if you want to dump a public official a check for $13,000 every time he awards you a big government contract, feel free to. 

    • There were three dissents.  You know who they are. From the dissenting opinion. 

  • Woah. From Texas Monthly: "Texas has more than 7,000 licensed hemp dispensaries. We visited eight, then tested what we bought. All eight were above the legal limit for Delta-9 marijuana."

  • The defendant in one of the many, many mass shootings -- this one occurred on  July 4, 2022, and congratulations if you can keep them all straight --  backed out of a plea deal in open court yesterday. It would have given him a life sentence. 

  • Good. And I agree with her. In order to prove criminal trespass, you have to prove the person received actual notice that their presence was forbidden.   Proving that they should have known about a university announcement won't cut it.  That wasn't going to happen in these cases. 

  • I'm not exactly sure how this guy became the unofficial lawyer of players of the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Look out. Lauren Boebert and Ronny Jackson are sharing love on Twitter. Pray they don't meet up for happy hour because who knows what would happen. 

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