Random Monday Morning Thoughts

And the opinion was shockingly simple: "Our answer to the question of what police must do before searching a cell phone seized incident to arrest is simple - get a warrant/"

  • I'm not sure what Brookshires did to someone, but there were also bomb threats over the last three days in stores in Brownwood, Tyler, and Arkadelphia (AK), and Bossier Parish (LA). There were also initial reports of the same thing happening in Azle and Alvarado.

  • We've got some evidence that the elders at Gateway knew about Morris' past several years ago.

  • I bet the full story is a little more murky that just a hate crime.  "Witnesses told police that 42-year-old Elizabeth Wolf was drunk and got into a fight with a woman before taking one of her young children and pulling her underwater."

  • We had another mass shooting on Friday. Another person died at the hospital yesterday:

  • I'm telling you, there is something strange going on with the self-proclaimed smartest guy in the room. Story.

  • I haven't seen anything on the news about this incident at Eagle Mountain Lake on Saturday.

  • These announcements from statewide CLEAT always precede any news coverage. Sounds like a wild police chase in Fort Worth this morning.

  • Parts of Iowa are under water. Big water.

  • Pour one out for Hooter's in Wichita Falls.

  • Video

  • Most final championship games can be classified as "must wins." I'm pretty sure the same holds true for Tennessee.

  • Back on  May 14th, there was a horrible accident in Wise County on 1810 which killed a young woman and three of her young children.  I noticed that the funeral happened earlier this month in Denton.