Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That one time that DPS almost used their krillion dollar gun boats. Side note: Can any of those guys now man a desk at the driver's license renewal office?

  • I posted on Monday a vague blurb I saw about a man being hit by a propeller at Eagle Mountain Lake, and we've now got a little bit more information. This is the the guy who was struck, and his GoFundMe says: "Kyle was unexpectedly thrown off the back of his boat while out on Eagle Mountain Lake near Fort Worth, Texas. He was backed up over and his thighs and knees were torn to shreds by the propellers."

    • The Star-Telegram says the boat's driver was arrested for Boating While Intoxicated.

  • My trademarked Something-Isn't-Right-Detector™ is going off with this story from a couple of days ago out of Mansfield. "Smith told KXAS-TV that she picked up Sasha in Grand Prairie early Sunday morning. Sasha told her mom she’d been drinking and didn’t want to drive herself. The two women were on their way to Smith’s home in Cleburne when the accident occurred. 'I said something to Sasha to make her laugh,' Smith said in an interview with KXAS. 'She leaned back on a door and flew out.'"
  • Supreme Court opinions will now be released today at 9:00 a.m. along with new days added for this Thursday and Friday. Buckle up.

  • One of the craziest members of Congress has won re-election. They don't have run-offs in Colorado.

    • She showed up last night at her victory party wearing Trump Sneakers but apparently they were knock-off sneakers so Trump didn't get his grifter-cut off of them.
  • Lots of odd people were involved in the Insurrection. 
  • The MAGA Extremists claiming Biden will be on drugs in tomorrow's debate is painfully laughable.  But it is an extra level of comedy for this congressman to pull out a line right out of Talladega Nights when he says the President will be jacked up on Mountain Dew. Video.

  • That recent Fox poll showing that democracy is the key issue in this campaign might not be as good for President Biden as I thought -- at least based on the results of this Washington Post poll.  We are the dumbest country. 
  • The Evil Empire stole the head baseball coach of the Aggies yesterday, but if you haven't seen the coach torch a reporter less than 24 hours earlier for even asking about the possibility of leaving for Texas, it's worth the entire 54 seconds.   All coaches are nothing but mercenaries, but this one is a bad guy. Not for leaving, but for lying about it so blatantly when he didn't have to say anything. 

"I left my family to be the coach at Texas A&M. I took the job
at Texas A&M to never take another job again. That hasn't changed in my mind."
  • Very legal nerdy stuff: You won't believe how a criminal defense appellate lawyer was roasted in a Dallas appellate opinion this week for having brought the same frivolous argumenta over twenty times since the court told him they won't work. Here's the dissent where it happened. (It's a dissent because the judge thinks they need to strike guy's brief stricken and order him to try again instead of having his client's conviction affirmed). And here's a great thread on it