Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Runoff election flashback.

  • Crazy weather this morning.


    • The metroplex seems to be having a tough time.

  • One of the deceased is 29-year-old Kathryn Elizabeth Lain of Boyd.

  • Have I missed it, or has there not been a funeral announcement for the woman and three children who were killed on 1810 a couple of weeks ago?
  • Courthouse restoration update: Wise County Judge J.D. Clark sends along the discovery of an original painting buried under tons of paint on the metal doors protecting what had been become the district attorney's office. 

  • Trump:
    • He provided this heartwarming Memorial Day message to honor all fallen soldiers.

    • He has now learned for the very first time that the State has a tremendous advantage in closing arguments. (He better be glad he's not in Texas where the State gets to go first and last with the defendant sandwiched in the middle.)

    • Those closing arguments are scheduled today. I heard something crazy on NBC this weekend: In New York, the jury does not have a copy of the (complicated) jury instructions in the jury room. They just have to rely upon their memory of them from when the judge read them in open court. I'm having a hard time believing that is true. 
  • And you wonder why there are protests on college campuses. Over 40 innocent people dead.

  • Election day is today with Wise County voters finding out who the new sheriff and the state rep will be. 
    • I noticed that Andy Hopper filed a recent "one day" financial report where the only contribution was from the West Texas Oilman PAC.

    • He also thought it was a good idea to go on Steve Bannon's show on a fringe right wing network.

  • Random home of in Southlake for sale for $7.85 million.

  • I'm mildly interested in the Mike Tyson/Jake Paul upcoming fight, but I did see where Tyson had a "medical scare" on a cross country flight on Sunday.