Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The photo made me laugh a little.

  • The Trump jury is deliberating without the benefit of having a copy of the 55 page jury charge (PDF) in the jury room. That's insane.  And, frankly, even if they had it with them , they wouldn't be able to make heads or tails out of it because it is shockingly confusing. 

    • And I've pointed this out before, but I'll do it again: Anyone want to explain how Juror #2 is going vote to convict?

  • In wake of his flag controversies, Justice Alito wrote a letter (PDF) to Congress yesterday announcing he would not recuse himself from January 6th cases pending before the Supreme Court.  I can't believe he wrote this: 

    • In response, a January 6th defendant, with a case pending before the Supreme Court, congratulated him for not recusing himself.  Does it kind of feel like our whole system is falling apart?

  • All charges were dropped against golfer Scotty Scheffler.  If you think this would happen to a regular Joe, you're nuts.  A video released yesterday of a conversation he had with an officer while he was being detained revealed that Scheffler admitted that he "took him with you" and "took him with your car."

    • But Scheffler's lawyer had a fiery fiery response to this admission. "The officer was actually asking him leading questions and trying to get him to agree with them, and that’s why you don’t talk to the police.”

  • Seeing the video of a guy charged with Driving on a Suspended License appearing for a Zoom court appearance while driving encapsulates misdemeanor court. It didn't go well for him. 

  • The military has crashed another $101 million fighter jet. 

  • Bad prosecutor. Her biggest problem is that she allegedly applied for the loan for a side business while she was an assistant DA when, as an assistant DA, she wasn't allowed to have a side business.

  • The closest election in Texas I found from Tuesday is this one from Jeff Davis County where the jobs of sheriff and tax accessor are combined. 

  • A tremendous story of how the Texas Republican Party is morphing into a Christian Nationalist Party.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold