Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This is pretty much when everything started to go downhill. And if you want to see an example of why I thought Dewhurst was a horrible campaigner, watch this campaign video that is still up.

  • Tornados in North Texas early Sunday morning left seven dead..  Here's a video from inside the  Shell station (below) on I-35 in Valley View as the tornado went through. 

  • I'm not sure what the back story is on this, but it appears to have occurred near a voting site in Wise County.  Maybe just an innocent conversation. 

  • I noticed that late last week we had a 50 year sentence in Wise County in cause number CR24487. It looks like a guilty plea with judge sentencing, and I'm pretty sure it's the same guy who stole an ambulance in Tarrant County one time. 

  • PGA golfer Grayson Murray, 30, played the Colonial on Thursday and Friday only to withdraw on the 16th hole on that Friday.  He killed himself later that night.  His parents released a statement yesterday revealing it was a suicide -- a statement which was pretty much forced because all of the anti-vaccine nutcases on social media were spreading rumors it was a Covid vaccine death. 

  • Trump was booed at the Libertarian Convention.
    •  I'm not sure why the most unLibertarian person ever thought that this would be a good idea. But it was pretty funny when he got mad and told them to "Keep getting your three percent every four years." Video.

    • For some reason, he vowed to free Ross Ulbricht, a guy who put out five murder for hire contracts on the deep web after creating a website, Silk Road, for drug traffickers. He was the subject of a really good book

    • Flashback to my visit the now closed Newseum in D.C. a couple of years ago:

  • I don't think there was any chance they were going to lock him up, but that was a heart-warming reunion with his kids

  • Spotted in Dallas: A DPS trooper vehicle with a III Percenter decal.

  • I'm a big fan of college softball, and the Super Regionals this weekend were fantastic.  And probably the most exciting games were the three game series between Texas and aTm -- despite Game 2 being delayed for over 10 minutes after beer bottles and cans had to be removed from behind the outfield protective covering because the panel was sticking out. 

  • The law firm for American Airlines which blamed the 9 year old for not realizing she was being filmed in a bathroom has been sacked.  There are some lawyers sweating bullets in that firm right now because of that screw-up.

  • Shout-out to the Good Samaritan who found my credit card in the parking lot of the Wise County Annex Building in Bridgeport on Friday after I carelessly dropped it. And thanks to the fine ladies in the auto registration office for giving me a call that it had been found.