Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It's the 10 year anniversary of Dale Hansen's Unplugged edition on gay NFL player Michael Sams. It landed him on Oprah, but also gave rise to the greatest remix of all time. 

  • A car rammed through an ER room in Austin last night injuring five and killing the driver. Here's a video of the immediate aftermath which is quite the scene. 

  • Republican George Santos is gone from the House and was replaced by a Democrat in a special election last night. He won by 8 points. 

  • That's quite the headline. "Kami Ludwig, 34, was booked on Monday in the killing of William Shane Nolen, who was a former associate judge in the 323rd District Court [in Tarrant County]. Nolen was in November 2019 fired from the court, which handles juvenile matters . . . ."

  • Fancy homes in California about to slid down a cliff due to rainstorms makes me nervous.

  • The Republican House voted to impeach the Director of Homeland Security by a single vote. It stands absolutely no chance of passing in the Senate. 

    • Someone tell Ronny there actually is a Senate. 

  • Republican-on-Republican crime.  Ken Paxton took a shot at Sen. Cornyn for voting for the Ukrainian aid package, and Cornyn returned fire. 

  • The fact the conviction happened on Valentine's Day eve makes this borderline romantic. (But I'm trying to wrap my head around how verdicts for Insurrectionists are still coming in while the F├╝hrer of the Insurrection is going to be the Republican candidate for President.)

  • The grift will be large. Video.

  • Let me tell you, this is wild. Mistaking an acorn falling on a car as a gunshot, the deputy unloaded his weapon into a patrol vehicle with a handcuffed guy inside.  Video. Amazingly, no one was hurt.  Here's the full press release of the Sheriff's Office on the incident which still hasn't been picked up by the national media.   Here's a local news report.

  • Legal news. It's unrelated, but the judge has quite the Wikipedia page: "Devine was an anti-abortion activist in the 1980s.At a June 2012 rally, Devine said he had been arrested 37 times for protesting at abortion clinics. . . . In 2004, Devine was sued for his refusal to take down a painting of The Ten Commandments on display in his Harris County courtroom."

  • The Business Second: A typo in an earnings report caused the stock of Lyft to skyrocket almost 70% in after hours trading yesterday until everyone figured it out.

  • That's a weird resignation of the Denton PD chief . . . .