Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This photo became momentarily famous as Apocalypse-like as a 
snowstorm hit Raleigh, NC.

  • A woman with a rifle entered Joel Osteen's church in Houston yesterday and opened fire. Somehow she didn't hit anyone, but she was shot dead. Sad note: A 5 year old child that was with her was hit as well.

  • It was an arrest by Rhome PD so everyone might want to withhold judgment. 

  • Trump had a big weekend: 
    • On Saturday night at a rally, he said something which would have disqualified any other candidate in the past. Video. But nothing matters any more. 

    • What the heck was he talking about the night before? Video. (He also referred to 9/11 as "7/11" and made numerous other gaffes.)

    • It's not a cult. This is from Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night. And that big eagle in the background seems very familiar. 

    • Earlier in the evening, Cruz opted out of Cancun and decided to go to Florida.

  • The manslaughter case involving the hit and run of a Baylor student ended with a guilty verdict and a 10 year sentence.  The defense called some interesting witnesses:

  • Relevant to Wise County as he is trying to buy an election here, Texas Monthly newly profiles one of the men behind the West Texas Oilman PAC.

  • World record holder dead.

  • The Business Second™ from Friday.

  • Super Bowl Quick Hits:
    • Travis Kelce almost knocking over his head coach shows what a blockhead that guy is. Video.  (And did you see him loaf during the final overtime drive? Video.)

    • Oddest moment of the night: A star defensive player blowing out his Achilles while running onto field from the sideline. Video.

    • Jesus had a heck on an ad budget last night.

    • They Taylor Swift deep state conspiracy theory turned out to be true as confirmed by the President of the United States after the game.

    • Alcohol prices at the Super Bowl.

    • Flashback to 2020. "Great State of Kansas."

  • When is the last time you saw a coach of a major program (UCLA) leave to become the offensive coordinator of another school (Ohio State)? He must have expected to be fired next year. 

  • There was another big wreck south of Rhome on Friday evening. It's a death trap down there.