Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Heck, this is mild compared to talk radio these days.

  • A shooting in Kansas City at the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade. Here's what we know from the New York Times:

    • Three people have been "detained" but not arrested. Names have not been released. There's some speculation they might be juveniles. But the lack of information is weird. 
    • One person is dead. A DJ fpr radio station KKFI-FM out of Kansas City.

    • "Children’s Mercy Hospital said it was treating 11 children, ages 6 to 15, and one mother who would not leave her child during the shooting. Nine of the children suffered gunshot wounds."
    • "Twelve people were taken to University Health . . . . Eight of them were being treated for gunshot wounds, including two in critical condition.
    • Big crowds are a recipe for disaster. I was really worried something like this would happen at the Rangers "parade" last fall. But look at that scene yesterday:

  • Tanner Horner, alleged to have killed Athena Strand, is in district court in Decatur this morning. We should be getting a trial date soon. 
  • You never want a divorce to go to a full-blown public trial. That's what is going on this week with the Dallas mayor.

  • A hearing will be broadcast live today about the Georgia DA who is sleeping with Trump's Special Prosecutor, and the DA might be forced to testify.  This is already a disaster.  I think YouTube will have it here beginning right now. 

  • For years whenever I was in public I thought that I was surrounded by normal people who were conscientious, thoughtful and rationale.  Over the last eight years, however, I've decided that I'm surrounded by nutcases. 
    • Exhibit A: 

    • Exhibit B: One guy pummels another guy on a Southwest Airlines flight.  We've turned into a bunch of Barbarians.  Video.
    • Exhibit C: Remember that dumb 2000 Mules movie which the MAGA extremists fell in love with claiming Georgia voter fraud? It was even shown in Wise County and promoted by the "Wise County Conservatives." Anyway, information for the film came from the the "conservative group" referenced below.  And this is shockingly being covered by Newsmax of all places! I wondered if this is part of some lawsuit settlement.

  • Fox 4 got an interview of the woman who was allegedly abducted by the homeless person and forced to drive to the border. I still have some serious, serious questions. Excerpts from the story below. 

  • This might have seriously been burying the lede. She already had a Wikipedia page for making national news a few years back. You might remember her. 

  • Ronny Jackson embarrassed us again last night. Video

  • Good. I've thought it was boondoggle for years.

  • Kind of makes you do a doubletake: 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold