Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

"Fire engulfed Neel Hall men’s dormitory at Decatur Baptist College on February 22, 1912."

I posted a blurb about this 10 years ago this week. I didn't remember it earlier this year when the Wise County Heritage Museum, which used to be the home of the administration building of the Decatur Baptist College, also burned down. So there have been two big fires at that location.

  • For the last several election cycles, it has almost been impossible for any Wise County school to pass a bond package. Two attempts will be made today: Decatur ISD will try a $68 million package while Bridgeport ISD goes with a $55 million bond. Both will be broken up into three parts to at least try to get at least something, if not all, passed. 
  • This trial about the hospital shooting in Dallas last year is about as close to a guaranteed conviction as you will ever see. And despite the defendant's violent history, the Dallas County D.A. is not seeking the death penalty.  That's a little surprising even for Dallas. 

  • Trump took the stand yesterday. It went about as well as you would expect. 

    • This lawyer, like all his past lawyers, is as dumb as a box of rocks. She took offense because she got yelled at in court as a defense lawyer? This her first time in court?

  • We might have a wild election story coming out of Granbury.  A city council candidate got arrested on child porn one day before the election, But we have to consider that most votes, due to early voting, have already been cast. There's a chance he will win today. 

    • I loved their backtracking yesterday of the Republican Party of Hood County. It's the equivalent "even we can support that."

  • I feel bad that I got distracted by the "8."

  • We are looking at a fourth special session in Austin: Just how exactly do those legislators afford to be away from their regular jobs so much? 

  • In women's basketball news, things didn't go well for defending national champion LSU last night in Las Vegas.


  • NFL fun fact: All are current or former Cowboys.

  • The University of Michigan is in the middle of a cheating scandal, but I had forgotten that its athletic director is on the playoff selection committee. That's awkward. Michigan is currently #3. But the AD is skipping today's vote. 

  • The Supreme Court hears oral arguments today as it reviews a lower court ruling that the 2nd Amendment makes unconstitutional a federal law making gun possession by a person who is under a domestic violence protective order a crime. Fun fact: The man the case is about is from Arlington, and is not a good dude