Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The Art Briles reign at Baylor unofficially began after a Thursday night game against OU on national TV which saw the Bears go to 8-0. 

  • Incredible: Every Decatur ISD bond proposal failed. And it was the same result in Bridgeport as its bond proposal went down as well. Decatur ISD Superintendent put it bluntly: "[I]f you won’t vote to fund a no tax rate raise bond, how will we keep up with future growth and overcrowding needs in Decatur ISD? I’m sad for Decatur ISD students and staff.” 
    • 2,592 people voted in Decatur. 
    • 1,866 people voted in Bridgeport.
  • All Texas constitutional amendments passed except the one raising the mandatory retirement age for judges. It failed 63% to 37%.  I wrote the other day that I wasn't sure about that one because voters hate lawyers and this amendment was perceived of doing something favorable for lawyers.

  • Back to bond elections, at least I understand Prosper voting down a $94 million stadium. 

  • Nationally, the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade continues to haunt Republicans. 
    • Ohio voted to change its state constitution to incorporate Roe.  Since Roe was overturned, seven states have now had state wide votes on abortion, and the pro-choice law has passed every single time -- even in red states.

    • In Virginia, it was a Democrat sweep as they flipped the Senate and Republicans lost their hold in the House. Their anti-choice governor, Glenn Youngkin, had campaigned hard for the Republicans vowing to change abortion laws once the Republicans got control of both houses. 

    • In red Kentucky, a Democrat won the governorship.

  • Ohio became the 24th state to legalize weed.  In Texas, you will still be put in a cage for having a personal use amount in your pocket. Or in your car. Or in your home. 

  • The city council candidate for Granbury who just got arrested for child porn came within 17 votes of making it to the run-off. 

  • Ken Paxton's lead impeachment defense lawyer, Tony Buzbee, ran for the city council in Houston, but got beat. However, the winner is about 200 votes short of hitting the 50% mark so Buzbee might/should make it to the runoff race. This is with 694 of 701 precincts reporting:

  • Speaking of impeachment, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick complimented Rep. David Spiller yesterday. Since Spiller was a House Manager for the impeachment team, I'm surprised by that. Patrick has railed against the impeachment proceedings ever since the acquittal.

  • State Sen. Drew Springer wont' seek re-election. He once represented Wise County before redistricting and attended an election-denier rally for Trump on our courthouse steps after Trump lost the 2020 election (but it was before, at least, the January 6th Insurrection.)

  • Non-election news: West Texas had a 5.3 earthquake at 4:30 a.m. Hey, I mentioned Texas earthquakes yesterday!