Random Monday Morning Thoughts

You might have to do a double take on this one. That is a picture of the aftermath of a gunfight that took place on highway 380 outside right outside the Wise County Sheriff's Office. And, yes, that is the Denver Post. We went national. Here's our Sheriff's press release on the incident.  It appears that the gunman had killed a pizza guy in Colorado, took his stuff to impersonate him, and then went to the home door of the Colorado Director of Prisons and killed him when he opened the door. He then drove to Texas, shot a Montague County deputy after a traffic stop, and then it all came to a head in Decatur. Wild. 

    • Credit to Messenger Editor Austin Jackson for getting up in the middle of the night and snapping some fantastic photos. 
  • Some kind of shooting happened outside of Arlington Lamar this morning which caused the school to go into lockdown. Update: The district says the shooting occurred outside of the school facility where two students were injured and are receiving medical care

  • Trump, out of nowhere, said he would be arrested on Tuesday because the Stormy Daniels payoff case,  and he immediately tried to rile up his crazy base for another insurrection. 
    (From Saturday morning)
    (Not real but an impressive fake)

    • All of this hubbud fires up his nutty base, but he continues to be a major problem for the normal Republicans.  Time and time again they have the chance to get rid of him but they have refused to do so: The "grab em by" moment, the first impeachment over Ukraine, after getting beat by Biden, January 6th and all that preceded it including the tampering in Georgia and the fake electors plot, the second impeachment, the "termination" of the Constitution post, the taking and hiding of documents at Mar-a-largo, and many more.)
    • But remember kids, you too can become a victim if you have sex with a porn star while your third wife is pregnant and then buy her silence with $130,000 during a presidential campaign with campaign funds. None of us are safe. 

    • Wise County's rep is a really, really strange guy. He is not a normal Republican in any sense of the word. 

  • A candlelight vigil on Saturday night in Dallas, in front of a store where a 19 year old was murdered the day before, erupted into its own violent scene. "Police said a white Chrysler was passing by the vigil and someone inside opened fire. People at the vigil returned fire at the car before it drove off. [OH, MY!] Four people were shot and taken to hospitals. Police said they were in stable condition. One of the victims is the mother of the teenager who was shot and killed Friday." 

  • Another sentence last week from the Trump Insurrection. Not enough.

  • Putin visited Mariupol. one of his crime scenes, over the weekend.

  • The Liberally Lean leaderboard.

  • TCU lost last night as did as Baylor. But pretend you are gambler and have bet for or against TCU who was -4.5  underdog. TCU trailed by 6 with 7/10ths of a second left and were throwing the ball in at the other end of the floor. There's no time for anything to happen assuming that they were even going to make an effort, right? Video.

  • This Tarrant County DA investigator gets a full page photo as he complains about the lack of laws for the crime of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. The best I can tell from the story, the D.A.'s office in 11 out of 11 for the prosecution of those very unusual crimes.