Random Friday Morning Thoughts

A lot going on there. And we had references to John Bradley (of the Michael Morton fiasco) and Abel Reyna (of the Waco Twin Peaks shooting fiasco)

  • Well, this turned out exactly as expected. 

  • I heard that the Boyd motorcycle cop, who works 287 on a contract basis for New Fairview, was badly injured in an accident in Forestburg while headed home. Sounds like he will recover, but it wasn't pretty.

  • The official Wise County Republican Party, which sometimes can act reasonable and sometimes acts like it is controlled by the MAGA extremists in its midst, voted last night 16-1 to censure Rep. Lynn Stucky who is, by all accounts, a normal conservative Republican and definitely not a nutcase. 
    • Stucky defended himself yesterday here. He called the censure as the equivalent of " a 'smoke-filled backroom' arrangement among a handful of party leaders who seek to rig the system to favor their own preferred candidate."  He's kind of right about that. 
    • If the local Republican party is going to interject itself into a local contested Republican primary -- something underheard of in the history of the county -- at least it needs to be fair. In that regard, no word yet on whether they will also censor a candidate against Stucky who took $55,000 from the West Texas Oil Men PAC whose leader met with an avowed white supremist and antisemite. (The party itself has already given away the money it received from the PAC because of the  controversy.)
  • Another reason not to trust Elon Musk.

  • The official Texas prosecutor's association yesterday pointed out that Rep. David Spiller's (R-Jacksboro) revised immigration bill -- which creates a state crime for illegally entering the country (or being in the country illegally) and then allowing Texas law enforcement to dump them back over the border by simply getting a local JP to OK it -- seems to run afoul of the Texas Constitution.  It clearly has federal constitutional problems, but no one had noticed this part of the state constitution before.

  • There was a horrible attack by car on some deputies in Florida yesterday. The shocking video was released.

  • Jared Leto, for some reason, legally climbed the outside of the upper portion of the Empire State Building yesterday. 

  • Fun fact on the pay of Texas legislators. 

  • Here are the states which have let their citizens vote on abortion rights after Roe was overturned. Every one of them voted pro-choice. Texas would do the same if our legislature let the people decide instead of leaving the decision to themselves.

  • We had rare playoff football on a Thursday night (boo!) for Wise County last night: Decatur won. 45-14, over Dumas.  Paradise won, 49-13, over Vernon. Alvord fell to Coleman, 47-7.
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 127 days.