Random Wednesday Morning Thought

That's a section of a railroad track on a drawbridge which lifts to allow river traffic in Florida. That's a also a lady who got stuck on it once it began to rise. Story

  • Jonathan Stickland, the head of the West Texas Oil Man PAC who met with a neo-Nazi, is gone. There's no word yet on whether his consulting company, Pale Horse Strategies, which the PAC paid a shocking $828,000 to  in 2022, will still have the PAC as a client.  The meeting with the Nazi happened in its offices. 

  • Israel/Gaza: What a mess.
    • As President Biden was basically on the tarmac to go to Israel, a rocket hit a hospital in Gaza killing hundreds.  That's bad. Real bad. 

    • The initial reaction was that Israel had hit the hospital and, if it were true, the Middle East was about to come a bigger mess.  Arab protests fired up  across the Middle East and a "Day of Anger" was declared.  Who could blame them? 

    • President Biden was to meet with Arab leaders in Jordan after going to Israel, but that country cancelled the visit in light of the hospital bombing. This was getting complicated.
    • But then Israel says it wasn't them -- that is was a misfired Hamas rocket that landed on the hospital. And last night they offered some proof, but Israel has been know to fudge the facts in these situations. True or not, President Biden landed in Israel a couple of hours ago and hugged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he stepped off the plane. 

    • So who is responsible for the hospital bombing? President Biden said this in his first public comments about it:  

    • What a mess indeed. Who actually bombed the hospital may no longer matter, because this is dangerously close to spiraling out of control.  The President is in the middle of a powder keg -- a keg which seems much more dangerous than the Ukraine conflict ever was. 
  • Meanwhile, things were normal back in America. We had a courtroom brawl in Houston yesterday. Video.

  • The Clown Show continues. 

  • I didn't even know he was required to. Story.

  • Legal nerdy stuff related: On Monday, Trump had a "gag order" issued on him in his Insurrection D.C. case, and I finally tracked down the Order.  Anyone want to define "target" for me?

  • This is an odd story just hitting the news. A Fairfield lady died this summer after getting an "IV therapy" at a spa in Wortham. (Both Fairfield and Wortham are southwest of Dallas.)  It's just now getting press because the doctor from Frisco in charge of the IV treatments, who visited the spa only three times, had his license suspended.

  • Let's check in on Fox News:

  • Man, I love sports shots with clear views of the crowd. 

  • You think we've got a current headache with lawyers in a Capital Murder case here in Wise County, at least we are not Potter County where new lawyers had to appointed when a defendant's current attorney's law license was suspended by the State Bar.